Saturday, September 14, 2013

Craig Robinson: Peeples (2013)

You know what? Peeples is actually watchable. Sure, it is an unoriginal collection of gags loosely tied together with a weak and predictable story, which borrowed heavily from Wedding Crashers and Meet the Parents. But I've watched it in one sitting without getting bored, and there was very limited amount of really cringe-worthy moments that comedies of this type are famous for. I'm not saying it's smart - it's silly alright, but any modern comedy without toilet jokes gets a bonus point from me.

Despite not being a completely terrible movie, Peeples is definitely not a good start of Craig Robinson's career. It flopped quite badly at the box office even though I think he did a decent job, but I'm still not sure that he can make it as a leading man. He was very funny on The Office, but maybe his continual presence on screen makes it too much of a good thing. He just wasn't consistently funny here in my opinion. Supporting parts like the one he had in Hot Tub Time Machine might make more sense for now. I haven't seen Rapture-Palooza yet though, so maybe I'll find something different there.

Starting grade: 25

Craig Robinson grade sheet

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