Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chris Pine: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

I wasn't too crazy about this casting choice 4 years ago, but Chris Pine as Kirk did not annoy me nearly as much here as he did in the previous movie. The script is treating him better this time - he is no longer written as an overly enthusiastic boy with authority issues, but as a man who can handle at least some responsibility and occasionally look like a proper officer. He still whines too much when he is treated "unfairly" by his Star Fleet superiors and he desperately lacks a year or five serving as first officer under Admiral Pike, but what are you gonna do? As cool as Pike is, he is not the face of this franchise.

Still, it is a vast character improvement. I think Chris did a great job here portraying Kirk's personal growth. He is more experienced now and knows how (and when) to make tough decisions and is willing to sacrifice everything to save his ship and his crew. There is less personal ambition and more selfless heroism, although his cockiness very much remains intact :) 

Chris got a lot to play with in this one. He shares a couple of very emotional scenes with Spock, plays mind games with Khan, fights bad guys in his trademark clumsy pub brawler style and does other hero stuff. He is pretty much always on screen, and he handles the full load of leading man duties with ease. I hope this character will keep evolving and becoming increasingly awesome as this promising franchise matures along with him, but even now it is already clear that Chris makes a fine James Kirk :)

Grade change: 74--->77. Star Trek Into Darkness was not a big hit, but it did well enough at the box office to guarantee a solid grade increase for its leading actor.

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

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