Monday, June 17, 2013

Jeremy Irons: Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Jeremy Irons as a dark sorcerer? Yes, please! The man oozes charisma, and his voice makes even most non-threatening phrases sound menacing. When he says "Would you like a cup of tea?", it's seriously chilling. His character wasn't a traditional bad guy though. Actually he wasn't bad at all. A tragic one really. A dark sorcerer, who tries to be good and protect his family from evil is a complicated combination.

Jeremy showed that inner conflict perfectly. He also shared one amazing scene with Emma Thompson, who played his properly evil sister and the most powerful dark witch (I'm still not calling them casters, sorry). That scene was the definite highlight of the movie for me.

Grade change: 64--->62. Despite Jeremy's excellent performance, I still have to steal a couple of points from him because Beautiful Creatures bombed at the box office so totally and completely. Not his fault, obviously, but a sizable supporting part in a commercially failed movie has to be reflected in the grade.

Review: Beautiful Creatures (2013)

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