Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Emma Thompson: Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Emma did a great job here playing two characters at once: one - an over-zealous Christian, the other - an evil witch that possesses her. To play an evil witch is a gold mine already for such a talented actress, but when she gets to switch back and forth from a fanatical creature of the night to an equally fanatical do-gooder, it's really something else.

Unfortunately, except for one powerful scene with Jeremy Irons, Emma didn't get much else to do. Combat wizardry was pathetically weak here, so it wasn't very obvious why she was considered the most powerful dark witch in the world. Sure, the possession trick is neat, but apart from that all she did was make speeches and brownies. Still, any fan of Emma's work should check this movie out. The church scene alone is worth it.

Grade change: 60--->59. I hate to do this, but it is what it is - a relatively minor supporting part in the movie that failed commercially. A great performance can help minimize a grade decrease, but a flop is a flop. 

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

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