Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Side Effects (2013)

That's more like it. Still not even close to a leading role, but at least it's something substantial and interesting for a change. Catherine played an enigmatic psychiatrist, who had previously worked with Rooney Mara's character, but it didn't last. She keeps popping up in the story over and over, and eventually it becomes clear that there is more to her and their relationship than meets the eye. I think Catherine did very well here. The icy cold bitch type suits her nicely :)

Grade change: 50--->52. Both leads got one point each, but their grades were in the 70's already, and it should be naturally easier to climb from a lower grade than to hold positions closer to the top. After the disappointing 2012 Side Effects was a very good movie for Catherine even despite its modest box office performance.

Review: Side Effects (2013)

Catherine Zeta-Jones data sheet

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