Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taylor Kitsch: Savages (2012)

Headlining two massive box office flops in 2012 (John Carter and Battleship) had to hurt. Savages did better, but by no means it was a success. So, was it all Taylor's fault? Not really, but he didn't help much either. In my opinion, despite good looks and projected toughness, he lacks charisma. And without charisma, which grabs and glues people to the screen, you can't be a proper leading man and carry a movie. You just can't.

He wasn't horrible in Savages. He was just...mediocre, as in everything else I've seen him. I think eventually he'll settle in as a leading man in much smaller action movies and maybe find another regular job on TV. Nothing wrong with that - after all, Friday Night Lights has played a big role in his rapid ascension. Let's hope I'm wrong, and his descent won't be equally rapid.

Current grade: Let's start with 60 and see where he goes from here. My bet is down, down, down, but you never know. Maybe I'm not seeing something.

Review: Savages (2012)

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