Sunday, March 10, 2013

James D'Arcy: Hitchcock (2012)

I found it amusing how totally forgettable this usually quite charismatic actor was in Hitchcock. I'm sure it was intentional - stories about Hitchcock's treating his actors like mindless tools have been going around for ages, and the movie had to reflect that. James played Anthony Perkins, the lead actor in Psycho, and this guy was so unremarkable that I almost forgot James was in the movie at all when it has ended. 

Whenever the movie showed the shooting set of Psycho, actresses were always front and center with James' character lurking somewhere on the dark background. And even when he was in the shot, camera always focused on  Hitchcock's blondes. Makes sense, of course, but I felt a bit sorry for James nonetheless. He did get a couple of good scenes, but generally that's not the kind of role that can get him better roles in the future. And that's what it really is about in the end.

Grade change: 31--->32 Normally it should be very easy to climb up from this grade range if you appear in a high-profile project, but the role was minor, and the movie didn't make any noise at the box office, so just a minor bump here.

Review: Hitchcock (2012)

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