Friday, February 15, 2013

Pitch Perfect (2012): Anna Kendrick

I sat down to watch Pitch Perfect thinking that acapella competitions were silly and lame. After watching it...nothing has changed :) I guess it's just not my thing at all. Also too much vomit for my taste. Still, it's not a bad movie, and I can understand its appeal and the reason why it made over 100 million worldwide on a 17 million budget. It's fresh, young, bright and fun. A lot of fun if you are into this sort of thing. I'm not, so let's move straight to actors. Actually to actresses, since all the guys in this movie had charisma of introvert amoebas.

Anna Kendrick was everything you could ask for from a lead in a college-themed musical. Very cute, smart, slightly alternative - just enough to look cool and "unusual". She has a nice voice, she can sing, she can dance And did I mention cute? I'm sure I did somewhere. Another great addition to an already impressive year. 2012 was huge for her.

Grade change 58--->62. Leading star in a good, successful movie equals a sizable grade bump. Let's hope she keeps it up in 2013.

Anna Kendrick grade sheet

Image: Universal Pictures

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