Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taken 2 (2012): Liam Neeson

No review - it's a mindless shoot 'em up, far inferior to the first one. The first Taken was cool, fast and violent. Taken 2 is ridiculous, lazily edited and dull. No tension at all, villains lack personality, most of the action is completely unbelievable and so on. It's not a complete garbage of course, but very close to being unwatchable.

It made 280+ million worldwide though, on a 45 budget. How did that happen? I'll tell how it happened. Two words. Liam Neeson. Also the fact that the first movie was pretty damn good. But mostly Liam. He had a very busy year, some movies were better than others, but overall his star is rising fast. 280 millions for this mediocre action flick say a lot about his current bankability.

Was he good in this? I didn't see anything new in his performance, but I wasn't disappointed either. It's hard to judge really since its a sequel, the novelty has worn off a bit, the plot is ridiculous etc. He did fine under the circumstances I suppose. And watching him kicking ass won't get old for a very long time. I wonder if in the third one there will be a plot at all. Who needs it when you have Liam on board :)

Grade change: 88--->90. We have a new member of the 90+ club. It's time.

Liam Neeson data sheet

Image: 20th Century Fox

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