Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seven Psychopaths (2012): Olga Kurylenko

Very pretty, but unfortunately equally unmemorable. The character is basically a gangster's girlfriend who has  a little thing on a side with another man. Another psychopath to be precise :) And that's pretty much it. Olga has just a few lines and maybe 10 minutes of screen time tops. Totally forgettable. And that's exactly the adjective I would use to describe her career up to date. Forgettable.

Sure, she's been a Bond girl, but was she good in Quantum of Solace? Not really. She can play a pretty girlfriend of the main hero, but so can hundreds of other attractive young women. I just don't see it. She has a couple of interesting projects lined up though, so I'll reserve my final judgement till the end of 2013. And let's keep in mind that actors do get better with more experience. For now though? Nothing special.

Current grade: 46. Still relatively high profile, but lately she's only been in one failed action movie after another. No range, no charisma. OK, I stop now :) To the Wonder at least looks different, so maybe she's ready to turn the corner.

Olga Kurylenko data sheet

Image: CBS Films

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