Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seven Psychopaths (2012): Christopher Walken

Definitely the coolest psychopath of the movie. That legendary stare of his suits this character perfectly. He is also one of the very few "good" characters here. Sure, he steals dogs and resells them back to their owners, but who doesn't :) Other than that this guy is the tragic hero of the story. And he has a lot of great, meaty scenes with every other main character. A great role and a great job by Christopher. That scarf scene in the hospital...I got shivers :)

Hard to believe, but Christopher is 70 years old but still going strong. Some weird projects lately (like this one), but overall his career is doing fine. Not great, but fine. The man is a legend. He'll be employed for as long as he wants, and, as this movie attests, he's still got it. If you are a Christopher Walken fan, you have to watch Seven Psychopaths. It's as simple as that.

Current grade: 64. Not many leading roles lately, and movies like Balls of Fury don't help either.

Christopher Walken data sheet

Image: CBS Films

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