Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal: End of Watch (2012)

I can't say I loved Jake's performances in every single movie, but more often than not he delivers the goods. And occasionally, when the script is right, he makes it very hard to pull your eyes away from his character. Last year he was great in Source Code and now - another high quality part.

Here he plays a smart, cocky ex-marine LAPD officer who is filming himself and his partner while they answer distress calls, survey crime scenes, arrest bad guys and talk about women. And he also wants to find a serious girlfriend. Simple really. But when I watched Jake play this guy, not for a second did I have any doubts that I was watching a real cop doing his job. And when the shootout scene came up? Yep, that's ex-marine in action. Excellent performance in a very good movie.

Jake hasn't been in a bad one for quite some time. And that says a lot about any actor. Most of his recent projects made decent money, and his roles have been quite diverse. He is not at the very top of his profession yet - he needs more movies like Brokeback Mountain or Donnie Darko under his belt, but he'll get there in a few years if he keeps it up.

Starting grade: 84. Would have been higher if his attempt at action franchise (mediocre Prince of Persia) went a little better.

Jake Gyllenhaal grade sheet

Image: Open Road Films

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