Monday, November 19, 2012

Lawless (2012): Guy Pearce

I didn't like Guy here. He is one of my favorite actors, but this character was just way out there. Cuckoo crazy. He threw a very violent and convenient beat down on a whiny and helpless youngest Bondurant brother (haters of Shia LaBeouf will definitely enjoy that scene immensely) , but that was the only highlight. The rest was your usual over the top villainy sprinkled with some germaphobia, leather gloves, tidy suits and explosive temper. Just too much. Competently played as always, but I expected something more nuanced.

Just like the rest of the main cast of this good but not very successful movie Guy will get a tiny grade bump. Nothing comes easy to him career-wise, doesn't it? Next stop - Iron Man 3, where he seems to have a substantial part. That one can't possibly flop, can it? :)

Grade change: 69--->70. Hello, 70's.

Guy Pearce data sheet

Image: The Weinstein Company

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