Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Campaign (2012): Will Ferrell

More of the same from Will. An obnoxious moron doing outrageous things with straight face. That's his character in most movies, isn't it? He is good at what he does, and here he does it just as well as in countless other comedies over the years. He won't disappoint his devoted fans here. Nothing new though, more of the same, just another routine performance.

I can't name myself a Will Ferrell fan, but I think he is one of the more tolerable "pure" comedy actors out there. I hate toilet humor, and Will usually stays away from it. There are some dirty(ish) scenes in this movie, but nothing really disgusting. Why is he a "pure" comedy actor? Well, apart from Stranger than Fiction (which was quite good) he just doesn't seem too interested in doing drama. OK, Everything Must Go was kinda semi-serious as well. Both movies failed to make money though, so maybe that's another reason why Will is reluctant to mix things up too much.

It's an understandable position, but it's not like his latest comedies have been such huge hits either. The Other Guys and Step Brothers did alright but didn't exactly rock the box office. Is he in decline now? I wouldn't go so far just yet, but maybe he should start thinking about extending his script range. There are only comedies lined up in his current schedule though, so I guess that's the path he's chosen. For now anyway.

Current grade: 75.

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