Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Campaign (2012): Jason Sudeikis and Dylan McDermott

Two minor league (compared to this movie's main leads) comedians today - Jason Sudeikis and Dylan McDermott. Both had minor but memorable roles playing competing campaign advisers. I am not very familiar with these two actors, but both left a strong enough impression to get their data sheets started. And when I browsed through their resumes it turned out I did see them in quite a few films before. It happens like that often enough in this blog. I do have a rather pathetic memory :)

Jason Sudeikis (left) and Dylan McDermott

Jason Sudeikis

Jason is a Saturday Night Live graduate, so naturally comedies are his bread and butter. Here he plays a straight man opposite Will Ferrell. I'd imagine it's hard not to be a straight man opposite Will, but Jason was effective enough, and his quiet annoyance slowly but steadily turning into disgust towards his long-time friend and employer was fun to watch.

Career-wise I'd say it was a minor success, but it won't give him a push he needs to start getting more substantial parts in good movies. He is a supporting comedy actor at the moment and will remain one for the foreseeable future with occasional co-lead roles sprinkled in. Like Hall Pass for example - a mediocre comedy that made a bit of money but still was second-tier. Horrible Bosses was pretty decent though.

Current grade: 45

Dylan McDermott

Dylan had a flashier part than Jason here, playing an overzealous campaign runner who is very comfortable with invading private lives of people he works with. It's an obvious parody on building of politician's image, where everything has to work like a well-oiled machine and even family matters are not private anymore. Crazy, over-the-top and actually the most fun part of the movie. For me anyway. Very well done.

Dylan is more versatile than Jason, at least at this point of his career. He regularly stars in dramas, albeit not very good ones, he also has a couple of horrors under his belt. Also not very good ones. His movie and TV career is more extensive, but not much more successful than Jason's. He is also 14 years older. Very  handsome though, and he does have charm and a certain charisma, so he might make it eventually. Some day. Right now though they are just about equal in their Hollywood standing and prospects.

Current grade: 44

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

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